Enflame and MSquare Join Forces to Create Computing Power 'Chip' Ecology

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On May 24th, 2022, Shanghai, China--Enflame and MSquare reached a strategic cooperation. Relying on the technical advantages of both parties in the field of AI computing power, semiconductor interconnection IP and Chiplet. This collaboration entails joint efforts in high-speed analog and digital design, utilizing advanced processes, to deliver cutting-edge "chip" solutions and foster a thriving ecosystem. Mr. Zhang Yalin, founder and COO of Enflame, and Dr. Tang Rui, Vice President of MSquare, attended the online signing ceremony for this strategic partnership.


Zhang Yalin, founder and COO of Enflame, stated:

With the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry, application scenarios are increasing day by day, and the process of digitalization is accelerating, which requires more powerful AI computing power support. Computing power has become a new productivity, driving the development of the digital economy. As a technology company focusing on the field of artificial intelligence computing power, Enflame is on the intersection track of artificial intelligence and integrated circuits. Since its establishment, we have been committed to the research and development of original and innovative high-end chips, using advanced technology, and upstream and downstream Industrial partners jointly build a technological ecology.

The continuous evolution of semiconductor process technology and the enhancement of EDA tool integration capabilities empower us to integrate increasingly complex functionalities into chips. This facilitates the design of AI computing chips characterized by enhanced performance and reduced power consumption, thereby establishing a resilient digital foundation. Our collaboration with MSquare, a distinguished semiconductor IP and Chiplet company, underscores our commitment to innovation. Through joint endeavors in high-speed analog and digital design based on advanced processes, we aspire to deliver highly competitive integrated circuit solutions, empowering our customers with robust computing power infrastructure. This collaboration is poised to catalyze growth in integrated circuit and artificial intelligence industries, propelling digital economic expansion.


Tang Rui, Vice President of MSquare, expressed:

MSquare's vision revolves around establishing a globally recognized chiplet brand and spearheading chip interconnect innovations to accelerate the evolution of the semiconductor industry.  With an extensive portfolio encompassing high-speed interface IP, foundation IP, and analog IP spanning process nodes from 7nm to 180nm across 10 fabs, MSquare boasts over 400 IPs, contributing to its capacity to drive innovation across the semiconductor landscape.


We are very pleased to cooperate with Enflame, a leading company in the field of AI computing power in the industry, to develop IP based on advanced technology, help large computing power chip design companies accelerate product iteration, and provide customers with more advanced AI solutions. MSquare hopes to work with Enflame to create a win-win and open computing power "chip" ecology, empower computing power expansion with high-speed interconnection, illuminate the entire semiconductor field. It is also expected that the cooperation between MSquare and Enflame will become stronger over time, and work together to promote in-depth cooperation and jointly achieve sustainable development.


About Enflame:

Enflame focuses on the cloud computing power platform in the field of artificial intelligence, is committed to providing inclusive infrastructure solutions for the development of the artificial intelligence industry, adheres to the original and innovative technology research and development route, and provides general artificial intelligence training and reasoning with high computing power and high energy efficiency ratio product. Its innovative architecture, interconnection solutions, and distributed computing and programming platform can be widely used in multiple artificial intelligence scenarios such as cloud data centers, supercomputing centers, pan-Internet, traditional industries, and smart cities.

Enflame joins hands with industry standard organizations, adheres to the purpose of open source and openness, and promotes the development of the artificial intelligence industry with industry partners.