MSquare joins PCI-SIG Association and MIPI Alliance

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MSquare recent approval for membership in both the PCI-SIG Association and the MIPI Alliance signifies its official entry into these organizations. The approval follows applications submitted in December 2021 and January 2022, respectively. This swift accession, achieved within less than half a year since its establishment, reflects MSquare’s  strong commitment to becoming a leading interconnect IP company.


 MSquare became a new member of PCI-SIG Association 


MSquare became a new member of MIPI Alliance

Industry Endorsement for MSquare

oining the PCI-SIG Association grants MSquare access to comprehensive knowledge of the latest PCI technology developments, along with technical services and support. This facilitates MSquare's utilization of PCI-compatible devices for swift market entry, thereby delivering technological innovations and solutions to clients. Moreover, MSquare's membership in the MIPI Alliance is pivotal. MIPI is not a single interface or protocol, but includes a set of protocols and standards. For example, the combination of mobile phones with the automotive industry and the Internet of Things industry requires the use of standards specified by the MIPI Alliance. The purpose of the alliance is not only to establish a unified interface specification, but also to improve the compatibility of mobile devices. This strategic move accelerates MSquare's market positioning and ensures the delivery of comprehensive products and services to clients..

The R&D Director of MSquare emphasized MSquare's dedication to crafting a much-needed IP portfolio for the market through advanced semiconductor IP design and customized services. The team currently focuses on independent research and development of advanced process IPs of 14/12nm and below, encompassing not only PCIe 4.0 and MIPI C/D PHY but also anticipating the introduction of more domestically produced IPs in the future. MSquare's recent membership in both the PCI-SIG Association and the MIPI Alliance indicates that MSquare products are already aligned with these standards. This alignment not only expedites the development timeline for IP combinations but also underscores industry recognition and endorsement.

MSquare is dedicated to proactively addressing the ever-evolving demands of the global chip and application landscape, thereby providing full-fledged support to the chip design industry. MSquare holds firm belief in its capability to reach remarkable milestones. Through close collaboration with counterparts in the chip industry, MSquare aims to foster mutual support and collective progress, thereby propelling the semiconductor industry towards accelerated development. 

About the PCI-SIG Association

The PCI-SIG Association(Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest) was established in 1992. Intel Corporation first proposed the concept of PCI, and established the PCI Group with more than 100 companies such as IBM, Compaq, AST, HP, and DEC. The organization owns and manages the open industry standard, the PCI specification. As industry I/O requirements evolve, the association is responsible for defining and implementing new industry standard I/O (input/output) specifications. Currently, more than 900 leading companies worldwide are members of PCI-SIG. 

About the MIPI Alliance

The MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) Alliance is an open membership organization. In July 2003, it was jointly established by Texas Instruments (TI), STMicroelectronics (ST), ARM in the UK and Nokia in Finland. The MIPI Alliance aims to promote the standardization of mobile phone application processor interfaces. The MIPI Alliance is committed to designing and promoting hardware and software interfaces that simplify the integration of built-in components in devices, ranging from antennas and modems to peripherals and application processors. The MIPI has developed specifications to meet the stringent operating conditions required for mobile devices to integrate interfaces, encourage their use, and help drive mobile device innovation in the industry.