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D2D(UCIe 1.1)


The Die-to-Die interface is a functional block that provides a data interface between two chip dies within the same package. MSquare's M2LINK D2D Solution compatible with UCIe v1.1 specification contains Die-to-Die adapter layer and physical layer, each layer contains a sideband interface to provide a back-channel for link training and access of registers of the link partner,  as shown in Figure 1. This Unique hybrid analog/digital architecture offers low power, compact area and robust performance, making it well-suited for target applications such as High-performance Computing、AI or Multimedia SoC and Die-to-Die interconnection etc.


Compatible with UCIe v1.0 specification

Single-ended, source synchronous and DDR IO Signaling

Supports 32 bits(16bits TX + 16bits RX) data bus per module for standard package

High clock frequency, up to 16GHz

Up to 32 Gbps/lane data rate

1Tbps (512Gbps TX + 512Gbps RX) bandwidth per module for standard package

High energy efficiency with ~0.8pJ/bit for standard package

Built in Test and diagnostics (Functional(PRBS), scan, at speed external loopback)

The advanced process of T12/T6/NP


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