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ONFI 5.1


MSquare's ONFI 5.1 PHY is a high-performance and low-power PHY IP, which supports all modes of the Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) 5.1 Specification. ONFI is an interface connecting external flash particles (NAND Flash) and internal flash controller (NAND Controller), widely used in solid State Drive (SSD) products. To simplify the implementation, MSquare ONFI 5.1 PHY supports expandable channels and customizable CE/RB pad numbers. 


Compliant to ONFI 5.1 specification

Supports NV-DDR3/NV-LPDDR4,and max rate up to 3600MT/s

Supports Matched or Un-matched DQS

Supports WDCA/Per-Pin VREFQ Training for NAND Device

Supports WT Monitor

Supports Separate Command Address [SCA] to improve NAND IO efficiency

Supports 2 Channel with Single PHY PLL & flexible floorplan with double or single row IO

DFI with 1:1/1:2 clock ratio mode

Supports Tx/Rx Training mode

Delay-Chain support Background Tracking for PVT Compensation

Test Mode:Self-test mode with built-in bist & Loopback test with built-in PRBS & BIST-Delay-Chain

ONFI 5.1

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