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MSquare's eDP PHY is a highly reliable solution for display interface requirements, supporting resolutions of 4K and higher. By operating at substantially higher bit rates, this eDP solution reduces both the number of wires and pins required compared to interfaces like LVDS, DVI, and HDMI. It is fully compliant with eDP v1.5 and v1.4b standards, and capable of driving up to 8.1Gb/s per lane in configurations up to 4 lanes. It consists of electrical sub-blocks of main-link and AUX channel of PHY for eDP. MSquare provides eDP with superior PPA and offers customization based on customer specifications.


Compatible with Embedded DisplayPort v1.5/v1.4b specification 

4 lane main link with support for 8.1/5.4/4.32/3.24/2.7/2.43/2.16/1.62Gbps 

Supports Enhanced Framing Mode 

Automatic Link-Training with option of firmware-controlled Link-Training procedure 

Supports Fast Link Training/No Link Training 

Supports AUX Channel for Access of DPCD and EDID 

Supports Max. 144Hz Refresh Rate

Supports Variable Refresh Rate, Adaptive-Sync for VESA Adaptive Sync 

Supports Panel Self Refresh(PSR) function and Panel Self Refresh with selective update (PSR2) function  

Supports VESA DSC v1.01, v1.1, v1.2a with FEC

Supports Panel Replay (PR) and Adaptive Refresh Panel (APR) 


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